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golf course architecture magazine
A subscription to Golf Course Architecture magazine is an essential guide for anyone who is involved in building and designing a Golf Course. Golf Course Architecture is a quarterly publication focused on the design and modification of golf courses. The magazine is essential reading for any golf course manager, resort developer, golf course architect or golf course supplier. Golf Course Architecture magazine has been serving its subscribers and readers with the very best of golf course architecture since June 2005. Published by Tudor Rose this magazine is one great choice for golf club managers, developers and architects looking for insight into golf cou [...]. details
bbc history magazine
A BBC History Magazine subscription is essential for anyone with a keen interest in all things historical. Helping bring Britain and the world's rich past to life, BBC History magazine provides you with accessible and informative features from leading academic historians. BBC History Magazine was established in May 2000 devoted to history enthusiasts of all levels of knowledge and interest. It publishes authoritative history in an accessible and attractive format but readers are provided with much more than that: the contributors are the leading experts in their fields, and so whether the issue is exploring Ancient Egypt, Tudor England or the Secon [...]. details
shakespeare39s britain magazine
A unique Tudor travel guide for today, looking at the British settings for Shakespeare's plays, his families roots, his home town and his life and times. Brunel Celebrating over 200 years of Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Three names. Three people in one. Brunel the great engineer who would habitually throw out the rule book of tradition and established practice, and start again with a blank sheet of paper, taking the technology of the day to its limits – and then going another mile. details